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Brick construction is actively underway

Brick construction is actively underway

                                                       In parallel with the construction of the complex "Galileo Batumi", brick construction is underway on the residential floors.

Taking into account the climate of Batumi and to ensure the maximum comfort of future residents, we use the highest quality Georgian bricks during construction.

Introducing the technical characteristics of Metekhi ceramic bricks:

Size: 330-100-195 mm

Weight: ~ 8.2 kg.

Volumetric density: 880 kg / m3

Strength: M-150, M-175 (Make)

Water absorption: up to 6-12%

Heat conductivity: 0.3 W / MoC

The inner and outer walls of the whole complex will be built with the highest quality, 950oC baked bricks, which additionally guarantees the observance of noise, thermal insulation and humidity standards.

 These bricks provide not only a comfortable, quiet living environment, but also less utility costs from your family budget.